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Next week I will be going to VA. I will be visiting someone I love very much.
001. Real Name: Nicholas Allen Loyd
002. Nickname[s]: Loyd, Hey you, Fuckin' Nick, Freakin' Nick
003. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
004. Male or Female: Male 
005. Nursery School: I learned to garden on my own.
006. Primary School: Public?
007. Secondary School: Uh...? My second school was in Washington? I think. I don't know, fuck you guys. 
009. Long or Short: Short straws are the best.
010. Loud or Quiet: Both simultaneousy.
012. Phone or Camera: Both
013. Health Freak: Never
014. Drink or Smoke: Shhyup.
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: After so many years would you even call it a crush?
016. Political orientation: Straight?
017. Piercings: I once got pierced by a knife.
018. Tattoos: No.

019. Airplane: Yes.
020. Car Accident: Yes.
021. Fist Fight: Yes.

022. First piercing: None.
023. First Best Friend: Jerry.
024. First Instrument played: Recorder.
025. First award: Never.
026. First Crush: Jessica.
027. First Language: English 
028. First Big Vacation: Gettysburg, PA last year in October. I'll never forget it.

029. Last Person you Talked: Kaileigh-dash.
030. Last Person You Texted: Alicia
031. Last Person You Watched: Gustavo? He just left.
032. Last Food You Ate: McDonalds.
033. Last Movies You Watched: I don't remember. We'll just go with The Last Samurai.
034. Last Song You listened to: Drunken Sailor
035. Last Thing You Bought: 20 lbs of Rice, Canola Oil, cream soda, root beer, mountain dew code red.
036. Last Person You Hugged: Don't know, it's been a year or two now.

037. Food: All.
038. Drinks: Soda.
039. Clothing: Any
040 Books: Framed in Fire, Eyes of the Dragon, Canticle for Leibowitz
041. Colors: Black, red, blue.
042. Flowers: Sure.
043: Music: Rock

044. Movies: The Last Stand, The Last Samurai, other movies.

045. Anime:  Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball Z, Prince of Tennis, Initial D, Monster, too many.
46. --somewhere someone forgot--

047. [ ] Kissed In The Rain 
048. [ ] Celebrated Halloween 
049. [x] Had Your Heart Broken 
050. [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone  
051. [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
052. [ ] Came Outta the Closet
053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant
054. [ ] Had an Abortion  
055. [ ] Done something you've Regretted 
056. [ ] Broke a Promise  
057. [x] Kept a Secret  
058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy 
059. [ ] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
060. [ ] Pretended To Be Sick 
061. [ ] Left The Country. 
062. [ ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it 
063. [ ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 
064. [ ] ran a Mile
065. [ ] Went To the Beach

067. Eating: Nothing
068. Drinking: Nothing
069. Getting Ready To: See Tom come into work.
070. Listening To: Silence.
071. Plans For Tomorrow: Games.


073. Want Kids: Yes.
074. Want To Get Married: Yes
075. Careers in mind: I'll know sometime. 


076. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
077. Shorter or Taller: Shorter
078. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both?
079. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Sure.
080. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive
081. Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship :3 
082. Troublemaker or Hesitant: Hesitant.


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yup.
084. Ran Away From Home: Yup.
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: No.
086. Killed Somebody: No.
087. Broken Someone's Heart: Sure.
088. Been Arrested: No.


090. Yourself: No
091. Miracles: People do get lucky.
092. Love at First Sight: Yes.
093. Heaven: Still figuring it out.
094. Santa Claus: No.
096. Magic: No.

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Yes
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: No
099. Do You Believe In God: Still figuring that out.
100. Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People: Triliantae KuraiTsuki TrinitySage Affeology AshenWings123
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ChowFanGirl12 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, Nick. :) Thanks for adding me to your Watchlist... :) 
Ryokushin Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
No problem! It's been so long, I hope you are doing well still. I thank you for your original comment you've been a great follower even if I never update often. I am very glad to have you!
TrinitySage Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Nicholas I did a special dedication to you on my profile page as a way to say thank you for watching me since 2006!

Hope you get to see it! It will be up for a week!
Thanks again!
Ryokushin Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
Thank you~ You are absolutely sweet. I'm glad to have known you for so long. :] Who'd have thought we would have met and at least known each other. I know sometimes I'm kind of... crass--and rude sometimes. Sometimes I say odd things, and can't be a great friend all the time. But every day I'm glad I have people like you in my life. :] 
TrinitySage Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Awwwwww, that is soo sweet!! I'm really glad that we did get to know each other and you were definitely one of the reasons why I joined DA in the first place, all those years ago! I'm just sorry that we pretty much lost touch and stuff, life happens, but I do feel fortunate to still have you on my friends and watcher's list all these years! I really appreciate it and I'm super glad I got to hear back from you!!

Thank you for chatting with me on AIM and stuff way back when! I really needed someone to talk to during that time in my life and you were there for me! I'll never forget you and your kindness!!
Ryokushin Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
I'm glad I was there at the right time. I haven't forgotten you--or our time together! I'm definitely happy to have heard from you again--and I am honored to call you a friend. :] If you ever need anything--you know where to find me. 
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Cynlife Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011   Digital Artist
You've been Tagged!

Ryokushin Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
Thanks! :D
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Thank you for the watch :)
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